An international banking executive with nearly three decades of experience, Julio M. Herrera Velutini leads an international bank based in Puerto Rico. He founded the bank in 2009 and has since launched its charitable foundation, which focuses on investments in arts and technology. Julio M. Herrera Velutini also founded the Britannia group of companies in 2009. This now includes Britannia Bank and Trust, Britannia Merchant Bank, Britannia Global Payments, Britannia Capital Market, Britannia Financial Group, Britannia Wealth Management, Britannia Global Investment, Britannia Global Markets, and Britannia Dubai. Julio Herrera Velutini has founded and served in director roles at several other banks and international financial organizations, including Consultiva Wealth Management, Diario de las Américas, Banvelca & Company LTD, and Herrera Brothers & Company of New York. Prior to relocating to Puerto Rico, he was a leading figure in the Venezuelan banking industry, most notably as the youngest bank president in the country's history. He was appointed president of the board of Bolívar Banco Universal before he turned 30 years old. Other notable leadership roles include his two years as chairman and CEO of Banco Real, where he led expansion efforts into North America and revamped the bank’s credit approval process with more emphasis on positive character traits as opposed to simply relying on credit checks. He also founded his own bank in Venezuela and grew it to include more than 80 offices nationwide. Julio Herrera Velutini began his career as a stockbroker on the Caracas Stock Exchange in 1991. Complementing his experience, he holds an undergraduate degree from Central University of Venezuela and completed his secondary studies in Europe. He is fluent in Spanish, Italian, and English. Mr. Herrera Velutini hails from a long line of bankers—his family launched Banco Caracas in 1880 and one of his ancestors oversaw the printing of currency in Venezuela.


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Julio Herrera Velutini

Many companies investing in South American markets have tapped Velutini’s expertise for their boards.